A funny ride with the "witch"

On a Brujita ride on the Rio Cauca                                                                          < >

Another adventure, although much less risky than our last experience in the Refugium San Rafael, we experienced at the Río del Cauca. Not far from Pereira there should be a "Brujita trip" (Brujita = the witch) through the fascinating landscape. As so often, one does not know anything exact. How do you get there? Is it passable with our van or is there public transport? How much time do you need, etc?

We decided: "Youth research" and off we went...


By bus from Pereira, then by pedes, then a bit by jeep and the rest again by pedes we walked to the Estación Pereira. A long, long time ago trains drove from Arauca to La Virginia. Unfortunately, the railroads are no longer there, the rails are.

What could be more obvious for the people at the Río del Cauca than to use them in their own way and to have their own "train" at their disposal. You only need a few boards for a kind of pallet, a simple wooden bench - called "bench", nails, rope, ball bearings, a few screws and a drive unit. An effective means of transport is ready.


Optionally driven by the feet, more comfortable by a bicycle, the luxury version is a halfway working moped or the deluxe version is a motorcycle.

That was our first exploration tour. Today we take for our guests the jeep from Combia or who wants, can also ride the route Combia - Estacion Pereira with the bike.


And here is a video of the Brujita ride:


Most of the sounds in the video come from squeaking ball bearings. Probably the grease was stuck :-)


Driving through the middle of nature on these vehicles is really fun. And you can still experience the authentic Colombia here.