Glamping - Luxury camping in Colombia

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Insiders have long been aware of the new trend in the tourism industry, glamping. And already today this trend has many fans, tendency further rising. But what is Glamping actually and why it becomes ever more popular?


Well, if you do a little word playing, you will notice that glamping could be a combination of two words, namely glamour and camping. And it is. It originally comes from the USA and was composed of "Glamorous" and "Camping".  Glamping is basically the more luxurious alternative to conventional camping. So, luxury camping in nature and not only for "Hobbit fans".

But this trend is not so new, because those who have ever been on holiday in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum or Morocco, were certainly (depending on the tour provider) very positively surprised by the setup of these Bedouin tents. Instead of sleeping on sleeping mats and hard floors, comfortable beds were found. Moreover, the Bedouin tents are often equipped with small cupboards and storage places, laid out with carpets and nicely decorated. Depending on the category, the tents also have their own showers and toilets. Actually one can already speak of the beginnings of glamping here.


The whole thing has now been further refined in the sense of "Glamorous" and "Camping", thus creating a new target market and a new, great offer for holidaymakers. The tents of the past are usually much more spacious and lovingly furnished with accessories. There are also often comfortable seats in them and some are even equipped with Jacuzzis and other luxuries. But they don't have to be just tents. They also include lodges, luxuriously upgraded caravans or tree houses.


Glamping has become a new, comfortable alternative for switching off in nature.

And with nature Glamping scores anyway. This type of holiday is something for those seeking peace and quiet, nature lovers, but also for active holidaymakers. Often you will find such places in connection with activities like canoeing, rafting, paragliding, trekking tours, mountain biking, etc. And often in the evening you have the starry sky above the tent roof for free. With so much nature and a more luxurious interior, only a great feeling of well-being and sleep can arise.


By the way, this travel trend is now also appreciated by celebrities: Prince William and Duchess Kate were on a glamping trip through Australia in 2014. And Kate Moss, for example, loves glamorous camping.


But you don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy glamping. Because Glamping is something for everyone. Young couples and families in particular often appreciate the luxury of camping. And naturally Colombia likewise already offers the first Top 10 Glamping places.


Great and beautiful glamping places can be found in Guatavita (Cundinamarca), San Francisco (Cundinamarca), Salento (Quindío), Guatapé (Antioquia), etc. But, choose your own personal favorite.

Glamping in Colombia is a great experience, away from hotel castles, mass tourism and animation, but with a lot of nature, fantastic views, stylish, original and charmingly furnished tents and relaxing nights under countless stars. Friendly and cordial hosts await you!