Hiking tours and trekking in Colombia

Hiking tours, trekking tours in the grandiose nature of Colombia                             < >

Whether in the rain or cloud forest, over mountain panoramas, through coffee and banana plantations, through lowlands, deserts or over endless beaches, it is always an unforgettable experience to meet this fascinating nature.


Let yourself be enchanted by the unique fauna and flora, the indigenous culture, the colonial architecture and the warm, hospitable people. You will encounter all this on the beautiful walking routes through the nature parks and nature reserves. For nature lovers, hiking tours are a true paradise, especially in the coffee region. 


Suitable for all target groups, from the youngest to the oldest and depending on your physical constitution, there are routes from easy to very demanding. It is something special to explore this lush, tropical nature with its incomparable biodiversity by foot, to look over the shoulders of the traditionally working coffee farmers and to enjoy the South American flair.

Not only hiking programs are offered, but also trekking tours for the demanding hiker. Whether in the Nevado National Park or in the Tatama Mountains, there are many possible trekking tours in the coffee region. However, one should not underestimate the altitude in the Andes. It partially goes up to over 4000 m. A 6-7 hour hiking tour in the Cocora valley is relatively easy.


Further hiking and trekking tours also lasting several days are of course also possible in other destinations. Colombia is a paradise for it, already due to the varied topography and the associated climate zones. In addition, we recommend basic guides with local knowledge. In addition, these are usually also mandatory. For this a small enumeration:

  • In the Tayrona National Park, in Minca above Santa Marta in the Sierra Nevada, to Ciudad Perdida, to Pueblito Chairama.
  • Around Bogotá in Chicaque Park, around Villa de Leyva in Iguaque National Park, in the Paramo of Chingaza
  • In Santander/San Gil and Chicamocha Canon and Barichara
  • At Cano Cristales and Orinoco
  • In the south San Agustin and Tierradentro as well as the Putumayo offer themselves. There you can even hike to "The End of the World".
  • The Pacific offers easy to very challenging tours around Bahia Solano.
  • From Medellin in the direction of Bogotá, the Rio Claro, a natural refuge of a special kind, lies along the path.
  • Desert areas like the Guajira and the small desert Tatacoa are also suitable for hiking tours.

Some trekking tours can also be combined with bike tours. Ask our partner for adventure tours Maria.