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Speaking of Panama, two concise slogans come to mind:

First, the Panama Canal and second, the Panama Hat. Both are legendary and have an important and meaningful history.  Browse for more information about the country, and you'll come across far more and so benevolent and holiday sounding terms like:


- year-round, tropical climate

- extraordinary islands like the San Blas Archipelago

- palm-fringed, long dream beaches with fine white sand

- tropical warm water on the Caribbean side

- perfect waves on the Pacific and therefore a hotspot for surfers

- National parks with jungle and lush fauna and flora

- Active holidays with hiking, climbing, rafting

- Indigenous, lived culture

- Panama City, ideal for shopping and celebrating 

- Panama a year-round destination

Well, if that doesn't make a travel heart beat faster! 

But one after the other. Who hasn't heard of the world-famous Panama Canal? The Panama Canal is an artificial, approximately 82 km long waterway that cuts through the isthmus of Panama in Central America, connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean for shipping and thus saves you the trip around Cape Horn or through the Strait of Magellan at the southern tip of South America. The construction of one of the most important waterways in the world began in 1881. Almost 33 years later, in 1914, the canal was opened. Today an average of 14,300 ships pass through the gigantic building every year, which also has a moving political story to tell. A visit to this extremely impressive masterpiece of engineering is an absolute highlight, even for the technically inexperienced.


The world famous Panama Hat. Chic, smart and stylish, it dresses many a fashion-conscious woman or man. As an indispensable sun protection, especially in the tropics, it is absolutely indispensable. But the Panama hat does not originally come from Panama. It is a hand-woven straw hat from Ecuador, made from the so-called "Toquillastroh" a discflower plant. The erroneous designation of origin of the "Panama" hat is based on various events. The first confusion of the real country of origin of the hat took place in 1855, when the hat intended for Napoleon III was specially embarked in Panama. For the French, the hat was the origin of Panama. It probably did not get around correctly that this actually came from Ecuador.


The next consolidation of the alleged country of origin of the Panama hat followed in the 19th century. Goods which were produced in South America without the cooperation of companies based in the USA were not allowed to be imported directly from the countries of origin into the USA. Panama was the only central collection and customs point for their import into the USA. Therefore all these hats, from which country they originated, carried the customs stamps from Panama. Again the hat was stamped with the supposed "stamp of origin" Panama.


And finally and finally, when US President Theodore Roosevelt wore an Ecuadorian Toquilla straw hat while visiting the Panama Canal in 1906, the photographs went around the world and finally established the present name Panama Hat.


And now it can actually start. Discover Panama comfortably in your own way.

You arrive in Panama City and can explore this modern, lovable city alone or with a guided tour. The vibrant financial and cultural metropolis offers you a good mix of contrasts. Modern office buildings, skyscrapers, very well developed and laid out beach promenades. In contrast, the historically very well preserved old town with its colonial buildings, cafés and restaurants that invite you to linger.


And did you know that Panama City is the only capital of the world with a tropical rainforest? In a part of Panama you will find the Parque Metropolitano. This park so close to the city is the habitat of 227 bird species, 45 of mammals, 36 species of snakes and 14 species of amphibians. Of course there are other national parks in the country like the famous Parque Soberania, Parque Chagres etc.


What would a tropical travel country be without long, fine sandy beaches, dream islands, palm trees blowing in the wind. Panama can also offer that. The concept of Caribbean dream islands can without doubt be found on the San Blas Islands. This archipelago is an autonomous area of the Kuna Indians, who still cultivate their ancient customs there.


Another ultimate Caribbean paradise with a multitude of dream beaches, crystal clear water and numerous animals is for example the island of Archipelago Bocas del Toro. It is the most visited destination in Panama and therefore a very special highlight of every stay in Panama.


Panama's neighbour, Colombia, also offers an enormous variety of destinations and sights. The second most species-rich country in the world offers you an incredible number of possibilities to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. It is at the same time one of the most undiscovered and little frequented destinations in the world.


Experience it:

- Caribbean dream beaches

- the Andes with their beautiful panoramas

- the untouched, tropical lush Pacific coast with whale watching

- several-day jungle treks on the Amazon and pink dolphins

- millennia-old, pre-Columbian excavations and contemporary witnesses 

- indigenous culture with its traditions still celebrated today

- Moutain bike tours through the most beautiful and untouched regions of Kolubmiens and

  much more.


A travel combination Colombia/Panama is offered by the good direct flights from Panama City to Bogotá, Pereira, Cartagena, Cali, Medellin and San Andres, preferably with Copa Airlines. The destination Panama can be built so comfortably at the beginning and/or end of a Colombia trip. Also a sailing trip from San Blas to Cartagena or vice versa is an unforgettable highlight of a possible 2 country combination.


Contact us if you are interested in a cross-country trip from Panama to Colombia. We will be happy to advise you and work out the best travel proposals for you according to your personal wishes and ideas. 


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