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A good friend recently asked me, why a photo trip/photo tour to Colombia? What makes it so extraordinary and special compared to other destinations and their holiday photos? Photos of people, birds, beaches, cities, volcanoes. Well, the answer is quite simple.


Travel to hot spots, experience contrasts and colours ... and much more!

Our photo tours through Colombia offer so many natural and attractive photo motifs. 

After all, it is a country that can hardly be surpassed in its diversity of landscapes, fauna, flora and culture. And it is a country which is still original and far away from organized tourism.


Due to its privileged location on the South American continent, all climate zones are native to the natural landscapes, such as glacier-covered volcanoes, vast lowlands, deserts, tropical forests and rivers such as the Amazon and Orinoco. Colombia also has two long ocean coasts, the Caribbean and the Pacific.


With its approx. 40 national and nature parks with often still untouched nature as well as further 13 protected nature reserves one can imagine well, which immense spectrum of nature photography waits for you as a photo friend. Whether the unique landscape of the Páramo at the Nevado del Ruiz, the highest mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the jungle at the Amazonas, the coffee culture landscape with its traditional Campesinos etc. you have the agony of the choice.


As the second most biodiverse country in the world, it also offers an abundance of spectacular and unique photo motifs in fauna and flora.


Not to forget cultural photography. Follow the traces of the pre-Columbian culture with its secrets and catch the mysticism of these contemporary witnesses. Be it at the easily accessible excavation sites in San Agustin, Terradientro or on an expedition through the Chiribiquete National Park, where unexplored cave and wall paintings still exist.


Particularly unique motifs can be captured on photo trips to the Indian tribes in the Amazon or the Paez Indians in Tierradentro. To capture them in their daily life with their indigenous traditions in photography gives you an enormous variety of motifs.


Another aspect of Colombia's history and thus of cultural photography is the often very well preserved colonial architecture in the country with its romantic flair. Colonial villages and cities such as Cartagena, Villa de Leyva or Popayan as well as the coffee region Salento, Filandia or Santuario are excellent places for this.

It is no exaggeration to say that Colombia is an absolute El Dorado for amateur and professional photographers.


Go on a journey of discovery with our special guide. The battery should always be charged and the memory card large enough. Take unique photos in the right interplay between time and aperture. Photos of great landscapes, animals and plants, of people who are experiencing these landscapes and nature, hiking and adventure photos, just photos from real life.


It's not for nothing that people say: Colombia is passion! Capture this passion in pictures.


Our offer is aimed at hobby photographers and semi-professionals. We work out your personal photo journey according to your motif requirements.


A travel package includes:

- Organisation of the itinerary

- Private transport (car, jeep, boat etc.)

- Domestic flights (international flights if required)

- Overnight stays incl. breakfast

- German- or English-speaking, alternatively Spanish-speaking supervision  

- Placement of special guides as required

- Entrances to nature parks


Not included: photo or video equipment

These individual photo trips are carried out for a maximum of 4 persons (no group trips).


Note: The photo safaris and photo expeditions do not lead to unsafe areas. Our guides know the whole of Colombia very well, have the appropriate contacts and lead you to the desired destinations. Experience the combination of travel, discovery, adventure and photography!