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South America, this vast and incredibly diverse continent offers the traveller endless possibilities for an active holiday. Whether hiking in unique nature with partly endemic biodiversity, trekking tours through various ecosystems, bicycle tours through spectacular landscapes, water sports trips to top dive sites and last but not least cultural trips are at the top of the active tour through South America. For fans of active trips, the Latin American world is an ideal destination in many ways. Here the activities are just as various as the individual destinations. Beside Colombia country combining round trips are by South America a good opportunity to discover the enormous continent in its facet variety.


 South America map, the countries of South America
South America map, the countries of South America

Selected active tour operators offer extremely exciting and eventful active tours to selected destinations in South America. With expert and specialized local guides, the adventurous and travel-loving active holidaymakers embark on their individual journey in small groups.


Examples for active journeys:

- Guided trekking tours through Argentina, Chile, etc., hiking tours through the realm of the

  Inka (Peru), to the hidden treasures along the Panamericana

- Cycling tours through Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia

- Water sports trips, such as diving in the spectacular

  dive sites of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador or in the varied

  Underwater World of Colombia

- Also kitesurfing enjoys more and more popularity and connoisseurs know,


  South America offers good kite spots, such as in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and



Active trips also include language travel. And where is the best place to learn this? Of course in the respective country and here, better said, in the appropriate continent. The whole South American continent (except Brazil) speaks Spanish. This offers many advantages and possibilities to learn the language, to experience many different countries and cultures, to meet locals of different regions.


In order to immerse yourself even better in the cultural peculiarities of the Latin world, a Spanish language course during a round trip through South America is an ideal option. The language opens doors to the respective country's culture and helps to make friends and establish contact with the locals in addition to cultural understanding. On site in the home country of the language, insider vocabulary is learned in addition to the language course.


Language tour operators offer Spanish language courses as an optimal supplement to round trips in selected destinations in South America and give all language learners the opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful.


Active trip Colombia

Our Cafeteratours program for an active travel arrangement includes e.g:

- Paragliding

- Horse tours

- Mountain bike tours

- Hiking tours

- Snorkeling and Diving

- Cycling tours and much more.