Trip to Colombia - Individual

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Colombia, isn't that the country derived from the name of Christopher Columbus? And which for years was known by negative headlines of the world press and never really reported about the "other" also existing Colombia? Right!


Discovered long ago by experienced globetrotters and called the "Pearl of Latin America", Colombia is developing almost unnoticed by the world press into one of the most fascinating travel countries with an incredibly diverse variety and attraction.


This tropical country with its different topography, its mysterious and adventurous history, its people and cultures is waiting to be discovered. Through the enormous efforts of the government, Colombia has developed into an emerging country with extraordinary potential. Touristically as well as economically. This also applies to the security situation.


Colombia is not a dangerous country, neither for tourists nor for business travellers. It is now safer than many other countries in Latin America. And if you take to heart the tips in the travel guides under the heading "Just not!" for every travel country on earth, you will hardly be confronted with anything "dangerous" than what could not happen to you at any time in Europe, such as pickpocketing or a stolen handbag.


Holiday in Colombia means:  

An unbelievable biodiversity of nature, with its 53 nature reserves, which unites all possible climate zones with its lush, almost paradisiacal fauna and flora. Countless places of legendary beauty. That alone is worth a trip. In addition, there is the history, the different indigenous cultures, customs and the extremely warm and friendly people who make your holiday a fascinating experience.


Don't forget the excellent coffee. One of the best highland coffees in the world grows in Colombia. Tasting it on one of the authentic fincas in the middle of the coffee and banana plantations is a must for all Colombian travellers.


The "fast traveler" conquers the country on a round trip through the most diverse regions. Whether Amazonas, Caribbean, Pacific or the interior with the highlights of the coffee region (Zona Cafetera), the metropolitan flair of Medellin or the idyll around San Agustin including its excavation sites.


But to get to know Colombia, its breathtaking nature and its hospitable people better, individual journeys are a must. Tailored to the wishes of the individual.


Colombia also stands out culturally. Whether world-famous museums, such as the gold museum in Bogotá or culture, music, theatre festivals, as well as the annual international film festival in Cartagena, are only some of the numerous cultural highlights.


These questions often arise when travelling to Colombia: 

  • What would I like to see in Colombia?
  • What are my focal points, my interests and wishes?
  • What do I have to consider?
  • Can I travel alone and on my own or would it be better to use a local tour operator
  • Which means of transport can I use?

General information in advance that is important for a successful holiday trip:

Colombia is about three times the size of Germany, crossed by the Andes. There are no motorways. Only a few highways (the autopistas), which are also tempo-limited. Here it is therefore called to consider the large distances with the travel planning!


You can see a lot in Colombia in a short time. That is possible. You can also experience a lot and intensively. This is also possible. But it is difficult to combine both things. Because of the great distances and the lack of perfection in Colombia, it is advisable for short trips, i.e. two to three weeks, to fall back on an organizer based in Colombia. Otherwise you will lose too much time when it comes to getting from A to B.


A round trip through Colombia can be booked at many travel agencies in Germany. Likewise in Switzerland and in Austria. Here you can get package tours that are well organized. However, there is little room for individual wishes.


An individual travel package is different. It is put together exactly according to your interests and wishes.


This is important, as the experience and knowledge of the local travel provider are incorporated here. He knows exactly whether the first rough travel planning of the guest is feasible due to e.g. topographical conditions in Colombia. Here the distance and accessibility is often underestimated. This also applies to the diversity of the country. It is a country with innumerable natural beauties, with culture, colonial history etc.


For example, it is not possible to see the whole coffee region in three days.

Two weeks in Colombia is a minimum travel time, which one should plan. Three weeks is better.


An advantage to avoid unnecessary loss of time when travelling and to save costs is timely planning and booking. Even overnight accommodations are no longer bookable at certain travel times, especially if you are travelling as a small group of 6-8 people. Also domestic Colombian flights, above all at favourable prices, are usually not bookable at short notice. Due to the distances, the plane is often used by the locals themselves as a means of travel and is usually booked out a few days in advance, or there is only one place left at horrendous prices.


Therefore our recommendation:

Let us advise you before booking flights and choosing your itinerary. This costs nothing, but helps to minimize unnecessary problems and breakdowns in advance. It is difficult to organize an efficient arrangement in retrospect if stages of the trip are already firmly booked.


If you have more time available for your trip to Colombia, from about six weeks upwards, you can also do without an organizer, organize everything yourself according to your mood, of course Spanish language skills provided.


This is fun and you get to know the hospitable and helpful people.

Colombia offers extraordinary holiday memories. Let yourself be enchanted by this unique country, the unique flair!


Bienvenidos a Colombia!