Cartagena de Indias - Colombia

Cartagena, the pearl of the Caribbean                                                           < >

In 1984 the old town of Cartagena was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was restored with international aid and old building plans. Today Cartagena de Indias presents itself elegantly and internationally.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors are captivated by this city every year. One marvels at the long alleys with the old merchant houses, the beautiful colonial houses decorated with flowers and ornaments, the restored Andalusian palaces, the colonial churches, monasteries and the very well preserved city wall. From here you also have a fabulous view of the new Cartagena, the district Bocagrande, which reminds quite a few of the skyline of Miami. A cocktail in one of the well-kept open-air bars makes the great evening flair on the city wall especially enjoyable.

The main squares of the old town, such as Plaza de la Trinidad, de los Choches, de Santo Domingo and others, invite you to attend the various music, dance and artistic performances, especially on weekends, and to let yourself be infected by the Caribbean joie de vivre.

Music and culture play an important role in Cartagena. Numerous events and festivals are organised throughout the year. In addition to the Classical Music Festival, the Jazz and Bolero Festival and the International Film Festival, the Cartagena Independence Festival takes place in November. A big event that offers a lot for eyes and ears. On this occasion the most beautiful women of Colombia arrive to take part in the election of the national beauty queen.

You can also indulge in culinary delights in Cartagena. A variety of delicious gastronomy is just waiting to be tasted by you. The culinary dishes, combined with the sweetness of tropical fruits and the nuances of many parts of the world.

In addition to the culinary delights, the other attractions of Cartagena should not be overlooked. Besides the historic old town, the Fort San Felipe de Barajas is impressive. This huge fortress is located on the hill San Lázaro and was used for guarding and defending the city. Here you should take your time to get to know all the ingenious protective and defensive mechanisms. From here you also have a magnificent view of the port city.

From the Convent de la Popa, one has a wide and wonderful view to the city. This still active monastery of the Augustinian begging monks is located on the highest mountain of the city (approx. 150 m) and also offers a beautiful, green inner courtyard. The list of further sightseeings of the city and its close surroundings could be continued at will.



You can round off your visit in Cartagena de Indias with a shopping spree. It is an ideal shopping destination for designer fashion, handicrafts and jewellery in the shopping area of Bocagrande or under the vaults of the Historic Centre.

There would be much more to tell about this pearl of the Caribbean. The best thing is to visit it yourself and let yourself be captivated by the charm and joie de vivre of this coastal city.


The travel region around Cartagena invites you to other attractive destinations:

Isla Múcura, Isla del Rosario, Isla de Barú and Capurganá. The Caribbean island of San Andres can also be reached quickly with flights from Cartagena.