The Pacific coast of Colombia - a natural paradise

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Bahia Solano and Nuqui on the Pacific coast of Colombia and the offshore island of Gorgona are absolute natural beauties of the Pacific coast of Colombia and ideal destinations for gentle eco-tourism. A truly dreamlike and still one of the most untouched holiday paradises in the world awaits you there. For 1,300 kilometres the coast meanders along mainly dense, breathtaking rainforests and primeval forests, along endless dark sandy beaches lined with thousands of palm trees and an incredible variety of fauna and flora.


Still virtually untouched by tourism, the Pacific coast captivates with a picture-book landscape with its wonderful dream bays, peace, seclusion and the possibility to discover unique natural treasures. For nature lovers, this is the perfect place to experience tropical nature in its natural state and still feel a little like Robinson Crusoe.


With Bahia Solano and its surroundings, we offer you a very special place that is perfect for discovering these natural beauties. Picturesque bays, tropical rainforest that rolls up to the lonely beaches. A jungle just waiting to be explored by you for its magnificent tropical fauna and flora. Small restaurants with excellent cuisine, where you can take your siesta far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The sound of the sea and the chirping of exotic birds are included free of charge. Here you can quickly feel the unmistakable magic that makes this place the perfect destination for nature lovers.

Also the sea offers a great highlight and often close to the beaches. Because every year between July and October the giants of the seas, the humpback whales from Antarctica come here to reproduce in the warm waters and give birth to their young. The whales can also do this undisturbed, because in this natural oasis, hardly developed by tourism, they find their peace, away from big tourist boats, as one knows this from other regions of the world. It is something special to watch these sea giants from the hammock or the veranda of your lodge. Five species of giant sea turtles are also at home in Bahia Solano and its surroundings. Whales and giant turtles are of course not only the only sea dwellers that can be observed there. The region is also home to dolphins and more than 900 registered fish species.

Trips to observe them are offered by special glass boats directly in Bahia Solano. So you can explore the exotic underwater world without being a passionate diver.


The jungle adjoining the beach offers visitors to Bahia Solano and its surroundings an equally indescribably beautiful variety of tropical plant, bird and insect species. With canoe tours through the local mangroves you will meet toucans, parrots, the Tinamú etc. and the following hike through the jungle with our guide will lead you to a small waterfall, which not only brings the desired refreshment, but also a natural concert of tropical birds in "Dolby Surround".

The Pacific coast around Bahia Solano also means waves for surfing and a sea for diving. The strong winds of the Pacific Ocean create the best waves for surfing. A privilege that makes Bahia Solano an absolute insider tip for all surf lovers.


Due to the intact underwater world one can snorkel the treasures of the sea undisturbed or dive deeper into the secrets of the sea in the truest sense of the word.


Here you will also be spoiled with culinary delights. The locals, mainly descendants of the black tribes, are masters in the preparation of fish and seafood dishes as well as fruit and vegetables that the jungle offers them.  No wonder, since for centuries they lived almost cut off from the rest of the country only by the yields presented to them by nature. 


The Pacific coast with its various possible destinations is a small paradise on earth and an absolute highlight of every trip to Colombia.

Climate and Temperatures
Climate and Temperatures






Best travel time for whale watching:


From mid-July to mid-October. The months August/September are something special, because the young whales are big and strong enough to practise their swimming and jumping exercises, so that they can move on with their parents in October.


Best travel time for giant tortoise observation:

From July to December. The month of September also stands out here. This is the month in which the giant tortoises come to the beach at night to lay their eggs. A turtle lays between 70 and 150 eggs per night. This spectacular natural event in the Valle (Bahia Solano) is monitored by a foundation and protected with further measures. Also the release of the small, hatched turtles into the open sea is an impressive experience. You are welcome to attend these events if you wish.


Ecological and gentle nature tourism with various activities, such as hiking, mangrove tours, cycling / beach tours, whale and turtle watching, etc. are at the top of our travel offers. Ask for our special offers for you. A small introduction to this still untouched natural jewel near Bahia Solano you get now already with our following beach video.


Almost 2 km long, the beach offers a wonderful opportunity for bathing and relaxing.