Round Trips

Round trips in Colombia

Discover Magic Colombia on a tour of Colombia!

Colombia is one of the most species-rich and beautiful countries on earth, full of passion, emotions, prehistoric and colonial history. In addition, here the most diverse climate and vegetation forms unite in a country. From glaciers of the high mountains, Andean mountain worlds over tropical rain and cloud forests, with approx. 3,000 km of beaches, deserts and lowlands one has the agony of the choice for a travel route to decide.


This country with its endless natural beauties is best discovered on a round trip to Colombia. While major European tour operators offer a variety of package deals, you can be sure that you will not "pass by" the most beautiful and authentic destinations with an individual trip in this fascinating country.


Whether this trip is made up of the most spectacular and well-known highlights of Colombia, such as the Caribbean coast with the magnificent city of Cartagena or one of the most beautiful Caribbean nature parks, the Tayrona National Park, the breathtaking scenery of Colombia's coffee zone or full of insider destinations and natural beauty is pickled, like the prehistoric park in San Agustin, the Tatacoa desert, the volcanoes of the natural park Nevado del Ruíz, untouched cloud and rain forests, untouched Pacific beaches, there are and remain incomparable experiences, which make your Colombia journey unforgettable.

Individual Round Trips/Active Trips


Colombia Explorer I 20 days

Bogotá - Amazon - Coffee triangle - Cartagena - Palomino



Colombia Explorer II 21 days

Bogotá - Pereira - Popayan - San Agustin - Animal Cycle Tour - Tatacoa - Cartagena



Colombia Explorer III 20 days

Bogotá - Zipaquira - Villa de Leyva - Pereira - Medellin - Cartagena - Palomino



Colombia Explorer IV 21 days

Bogotá - Pereira - Medellin - Cartagena - Providencia - San Andres



Colombia Explorer V 21 days

Bogotá - Pereira - Medellin - Santa Marta - Mompox - Cartagena


Colombia Explorer VI 16 days

Bogotá - Pereira - Cartagena - Palomino - Santa Marta



Colombia Explorer VII 19 days

Bogota - Pereira - Medellin - Pacific - Medellin - Cartagena



Colombia Explorer VIII 23 days

Bogotá - Tatacoa Desert - Tierradentro - San Agustín - Mocoa - Pasto - Popayán
- Coffee Region - Cartagena - Tayrona National Park



Private car journey

Bogotá - Zipaquira - Villa de Leyva - Barichara - Bucaramanga