Paragliding, Parapente, Colombia

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two words for a fascinating flying sport that is finding more and more fans. Paragliding opens a new world. The world of sun, clouds, wind and a breathtaking feeling. Not to forget the unbelievable panoramas, which offer themselves from the bird's eye view. Once you've tried it, you won't be able to get away from it so quickly.


That's all too understandable. The desire to be a little closer to the sky and to fly like a bird has long occupied people. And today, thanks to professional equipment and pilots, this is possible without any problems. And paragliding can be practiced in many countries of the world today. Of course also in Colombia!


Paragliding in Roldanillo

An ideal flight area is in the Valle del Cauca, about 1.5 hours from Pereira. Here are the perfect flight conditions for an unforgettable paragliding flight and also the perfect partner agency with pilot Jonathan and his team.


His experienced Colombian pilots of the "Cloudbase Colombia" are available for your tandem flight. Our guests thus have a reliable pilot at their side for their adventure in the air. Experienced self-propelled pilots also prefer long-distance or aerobatic flights.


For a day trip we leave in the morning. Jonathan welcomes us with a coffee in his hostel. From there we take a jeep into the mountains to one of the two starting points. Both starting places have a height difference of 730 m or 870 m to the land place.


And then it can already start. To experience the unique feeling to be closer to the sky, to enjoy the beauty of the clouds and a gigantic panorama.


The flight conditions in the Valle del Cauca are ideal, you can fly all year round. Due to the up winds and the thermals, long-distance flights are also possible.

And here is a great video for the fans!