The end of the world - Cascada del Fin del Mundo

The end of the world - El Fin del Mundo - Mocoa Putumayo                                    < >

Contrary to the idea we normally have of the end of the world "El Fin del Mundo", here a very opposite and overwhelming picture opens up - in the midst of the rainforest of the Amazon we can see exotic birds flying freely in the variety of green tones. We can feel and experience the power of nature and water as it gushes out of the rocks into a 75 m abyss.


Perhaps this magical waterfall is the best kept secret of Putumayo, lost between the mountains that separate Mocoa and Villagarzón. Embedded in the mountains del Churumbelo and in the national park of the same name we find this waterfall at its highest point, namely at 820 m. Here, a series of waterfalls spreads out in front of us, that only shine in their emerald green colour.


The starting point is a Posada (rustic finca that is used for resting). From there, we walk in approximately 1.5 h on a 5 km long path to reach the highest point, the "Fin del mundo". A mixture of grass and earth leads us to a wooden suspension bridge on which we cross the living waters of the Rio Mocoa. We then take a path to the family home, which owns most of the territory around the Fin del mundo.


Here the tourists are welcomed with a short introduction, because the community wants to take care of the environment. A small entrance fee is charged to regularly improve the trail. Furthermore, it is possible for the visitors to explore the area with a guide, as it is easy to get lost in the confusion of the vegetation of the rain forest alone. It is also possible to do activities on the water. Trained guides will show you how to climb in the canyon or at the waterfall.


The ascent starts quietly. Water drops and water threads glisten on all sides in this impenetrable vegetation. There can suddenly be heavy rainfalls that remind us of the power of nature. To meander up these paths slowly is not as exhausting as to climb a hill in the mountains. The path is very varied and gives you the opportunity to catch your breath again. At the roadside there are even locals who sell water, cafés or sweet pineapples to recharge the energy.


After one hour we stand in front of the "Pozo negro", a natural swimming pool with a depth of 8.5 meters, which invites us to take a bath. Another highlight is a bridge formed by rocks and stones, which was created by the movement of the water in the Dantayaco gorge. Its name goes back to the presence of tapir species (Danta) in this part of the forest. It refers to the greatest wealth of the region, the water (in the language of Inga called "yaco"). We are almost at our destination, because this river also supplies the waterfall "Fin del mundo" with its water.


Where the rocks disappear, everything opens up and the water only finds a way out, to plunge 75 meters into the depth, we have reached the end of this magical path "at the end of the world". In front of us a panorama opens up with a view of the vast Churumbelos forests. Far back we see a few cottages of Mocoa. Here, surrounded by the sounds of water and vegetation, we find peace. We find our connection with nature, without pollution, without violence.